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With customizable options for lash lengths, curvatures, and volume to style your eyes and suit your everyday lifestyle needs with minimal maintenance, you won’t have a need for mascara and likely not even eye liner because wearing a well applied and appointed set of eyelash extensions is like getting an eye lift that you never have to go under the knife for. The way lashes brighten and open up the entire face is astounding and the bi-weekly or tri-weekly hour or so long appointments to maintain the lashes saves you precious time in the mornings and day to day because now that your lashes are done, accessorizing with a bit of concealer, some blush and a touch of gloss or even just bare faced, you’re always polished and ready to go.


Luxe Lashes Atlanta also had a heart for philanthropy and is committed to serving the community.  That's why $1 from every service goes to The Greater Me Foundation, a local nonprofit organization which empowers youth through teaching and encouraging practices of self-mastery with an emphasis on financial literacy education. The Greater Me Foundation also provides monetary and material aid to other nonprofit organizations that specifically focuses on women and children in Atlanta, Georgia and globally.


We look forward to servicing you and giving you the best lash experience available in the Atlanta beauty market and making a dfference with you and beyond.

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